Friday, January 25, 2008

Hula lessons in Hawaii

Josefina has been such a wonderful host and teacher. She has really become a wonderful friend. I will miss her so much.

A few days ago she taught me the art of the Hula. I love learning it so much! We even had some music to practice to, and you could hear the waves lapping the beach in the background. Very "authentic" Josefina told me.

Look at what fun we had:
Josefina showing me how it is done.
I'm trying it out for the first time with a pro!
Now it is my turn for the grass skirt and lei, don't I look like a Hawaiian girl?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Up country for lunch!

Josefina and I are still having SO MUCH FUN!!! You can not believe how pretty it is here, I love it. The last few days Josefina and I have been really busy. First we went to Up Country (on the west side of the island) to a town called Makawao, which is an hour drive.

Maui is in the top 5 wettest places in the world (they claim #2). So most of the time these mountains are covered in clouds, but today it wasn't raining! Josefina said it is rare to see the mountain tops. Once we got to Makawao we visited a famous glass blowing shop and the yummiest restaurant on the island, Mama's Fish House. After posing for this photo we went in and Josefina said we could order anything on the menu! I got a kid's fish plate and it was so good. There was this spicy yummy sauce to dip the fried fish in that tasted like mangoes or something.
After lunch we went across the street to this awesome beach and found a really neat sea canoe right there on the beach. Josefina and I pretended to sail out to the sea, and discover a new island of our own! We could build a tree house and live like princesses forever more!
The west side of the island is often windy, even on the nicest of days. The beach is so beautiful, and Josefina and I were feeling a little wind blown. But I could stay here all day and watch the big waves.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hawaii is ten times from awesome!

Oh my gosh, it is so awesome here! I'm here in Maui Hawaii with Josefina, and we are having SO MUCH FUN! Josefina says the weather is not so good because it is windy and rainy, and I told her this weather is fantastic! Who ever heard of going to the beach in January? Today is 73 degrees and just perfect! I'm wearing shorts and a tank top! Because there is some wind I've had a chance to watch the waves, and they are so awesome. I love Hawaii.

I can't write a very long blog post today because Josefina is telling me she wants to go look for geckos right now, there are a lot near here!

Anyway, I wanted to post a map so you know where I am, and I also wanted to post some of the most awesome photos from yesterday!

Aloha! (that means hello and goodbye!)

Check out those awesome waves!
This is where I am, Lahaina, Maui.
Josefina and I love this weather! I will return with a suntan!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A fun game I was playing

Guess what? I'm in Hawaii and I've been having such a great time!!! I don't want to post yet about what I've been doing, because I don't have any of the photos on the computer yet, but I think all girls should be allowed to go to Hawaii for a month in the winter, nice and warm! ;)

Anyway, before I left I was playing the best game! I've been reading Golden Compass (listening to it on my iPod actually) and I'm loving it. Lyra is so brave and funny, and I really like Iorek Byrnison (the polar bear). The other day I was playing Golden Compass in my bedroom and it was so fun. Kaya was pretending to be Lyra, and North (my new polar bear toy) was playing Iorek. I also had all my other toys playing too. We sledded across my bedroom in a box and helped Lyra search for her father.

Here are some photos of my game:

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Today I turn 11!

What a splendid birthday so far! I love birthdays! Yesterday I had my some of my friends over for a birthday party, and we had so much fun! I wore a new violet colored party dress, it is so pretty. Plus, everyone got to meet Lei Mei, and they all thought she was so nice.

Lei Mei is a new girl that lives around the block from me, she is only eight years old, but I really like her. She is shy and is just learning English. We have fun together, because I'm helping her with her English, and she is giving me Chinese lessons! I love learning Chinese, but it is really hard, even harder than Russian.

Guess what I got for my birthday? An American Girl doll! They are the neatest dolls, I chose Kaya, she is a Native American, and she is so pretty and she is my favorite. Today it is cold and snowy outside, and since it is my birthday I haven't had to do any jobs! Instead I'm packing for my trip to Hawaii (I leave tomorrow!) and playing with my toys. Did you know Kaya told me she is also an Eskimo, and that is why she likes my polar bear toy so much?

Anyway, here is an album Mama put together from my party, and here are a few photos.
Here I am with Kaya, isn't she perfect?
And here Lei Mei shows me how to do calligraphy.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Sunday is my birthday!

On Sunday I turn 11 again! Because I'm a doll, I don't age, but I still get to celebrate birthdays. On January 6th two years ago, I came home to Utah from the American Girl doll factory. Last year I was traveling during my birthday, so this year is special, because I'll finally be home for the big day! I can't wait, I already have my party dress picked out.

Love Violet

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Guess what? Yesterday I went skiing with my cousin Allyson and it was so so fun. We are down at the farmhouse for the first time ever in the winter to celebrate the new year and there was beautiful fresh powder, so Allyson and I went up to Little Powder Mountain and skied and skied. She is really good, and I'm getting better each time. It was so so fun! Then we all stayed up late to celebrate the New Year, happy 2008!