Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Wonderland Camp!

Oh my gosh!!!! Camp was soooo fun! I love sleep-away camp, but I've never ever been to one in the winter!

The camp was up the mountains in this really neat lodge. When I got there I checked in and sat near the fire with the other girls my age. There were some really funny girls and I made lots of friends. Every night we had a HUGE hot dinner in the lodge near the windows. One night while Leah (my best friend from camp) and I were eating dinner we saw a porcupine out the window! How cool is that?!

Most days we woke up early, took a morning snowshoe adventure, play games and drink hot cocoa in the afternoons, and then take another afternoon snowshoe or sometimes a night snowshoe after dinner!

I took my new camera with me to camp, but didn't take a lot of photos. It seemed like I was having too much fun and always forgot.

On my birthday I was at camp and that night all the girls sung "happy birthday" to me and we even had a big cake. It was an ice cream cake. Who ever heard of having an ice cream cake in the winter? Anyway, it was soooo good!

Here are a few photos I took (and a few Leah took of me) -

Look! One thing we learned about at camp was animal tracking. We spotted moose tracks and rabbit tracks and lots of bird tracks! These are quail tracks, I think.
Most days were so sunny and warm! Didn't even need to wear gloves!
I tried to experiment with my new camera a little.
My main Christmas present - new snowshoes!
I love Winter Wonderland Camp!