Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy birthday Inks!

Inky is still here (I know, I am so lucky to have my friend visit for a month!), but today was EXTRA special because it is Inky's eleventh birthday! Mama and Daddy booked a hotel room up Little Cottonwood Canyon, so we packed all the birthday presents and birthday cake in the car and headed up there. Inky and I had so much fun exploring the hotel on Saturday, and then today, I wiggled Inky awake, and when she finally opened her eyes I said "Happy Birthday!"
Right after she woke up she wanted to open her birthday presents, and then we had birthday cake for breakfast! We were so cold and wanted to get dressed but Mama said that we should put our swimsuits on, we were going outside!? Then Daddy said that we were now old enough to go to the Cliff Spa where we can relax, enjoy swimming in the pool and soaking in the hot tub on the roof! Yea! Once we were in our suits we ran across the outside patio to the hot tub, because it was only 40 degrees out! Inky was having the best birthday.
But the best part of all? The view from the pool! We are so lucky!
After we dried off and ate lunch we went on a little hike. I think Inks had a great 11th birthday here in Utah with me!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ballet class

For more than a year I've been taking a ballet class with my two cousins Abygael and Sadie. I go every Thursday at five for two hours, unless I'm traveling. I really love my ballet class, but the best thing about it is? The Christmas Show! We've been practicing like crazy lately, and the Christmas show is only a few weeks away, which means I couldn't miss class on Thursday.

Mama called up my teacher, Ms. Vanessa, and asked if Inky could join our class a couple of times. She told her that Inky is a very good ballerina, and has also been taking classes in NY. Luckily, Ms. Vanessa said it was okay if Inky came to class. Inky was pretty much the best in our class and we had a lot of fun practicing all of our positions and rehearsing our dance for the Christmas Show.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm a Jr. Ranger again!

Inky and I are pros. We really are. We each have more than ten badges, and yesterday we added another one to our collection! Mama and Daddy drove us up to Northern Utah (it was such a long drive...), and we got our Jr. Ranger Badges at Golden Spike National Historic Site. This is the place where the railroads finally met each other in 1869. That meant that now people could travel all the way across the country on the train if they wanted to! And mail and packages now could be delivered in days, rather than weeks or months on horseback.

Inky and I had such a great time. We answered all the questions in our Jr. Rangers booklet and we even talked to a real train engineer. Plus, we saw some really neat birds, and some Nasa Rockets, but Inky says we need to do an entire post just devoted to rockets.

Here we are where the railroad met!
Here is the original photograph from that day, neat huh?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go Vote!

Inky and I are having so much fun! We've been trick-or-treating, played witches and black cats in the back yard, visited the farmhouse and next weekend we are going to get another Jr. Ranger Badge!

But, with being this busy, we didn't forget to vote. (Well Mama and Daddy voted, because they are old enough). Inky and I just showed our support.

Tonight we are going to have a party and eat pizza, watch the news and cheer on Obama!

(This same post is on Inky's blog because we typed it together on my laptop!)