Monday, October 1, 2007

Halloween last year

Today I'm leaving for Calgary to visit Kate! I can't wait. The post office guy said I should be there in eight days. Yeah right.... last time it took me 2.5 weeks to get to Canada! All the customs people wanted to visit with me first.

Anyway, since I'll be away from home for Halloween this year, I wanted to post what I did last year. I was visiting Hannah and Bren in Virgina, and had such a good time! I got there in time to go to Williamsburg and Jamestown with them, and then I spent Halloween at their house. It was so fun, even though I tricked Kit out of her Halloween costume! (Want to learn more? Check out my album here). I am so sneaky!

Here are a few photos from last year's Halloween, Williamsburg and Jamestown. I know this year will be just as fun in Canada!

Felicity, Kit and I decided to watch a scary Halloween movie.
Maybe it was too scary, we had to cover our eyes!
My Halloween costume of Little Red Ridding Hood was so pretty.
Or did I go as a Safari Guide? (you'll have to look at the album to find out!)
Here I am in fount of the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg. Here I am in front of the James River. I was right outside Historic Jamestown.


Anonymous said...

I miss having Violet around. She is so much fun and what a cute girl. Hope she is having fun in Canada!
Hannah & the girls

Elizabeth Marx said...

Violet you're so brave, I wish I could be a traveling doll too! Check me out at