Monday, July 21, 2008

Dutch oven cooking with Daddy

My Daddy is such a good cook. He always makes really tasty things in his dutch ovens. Dutch ovens are huge cast iron ovens that you cook with over hot embers or coals. He can make anything in a dutch oven, even dessert.

Well this weekend while we were down at the farmhouse he gave me a lesson. I wanted to learn, so he helped me pick a recipe (Mexican Casserole), helped me shop for the ingredients, and helped me make the entire dinner (but I did most of the work!). Doesn't he sound awesome?

Here are some photos, I made dinner for my friends and cousins!

Daddy shows me how to place the coals-
You even have to put coals on top, for it to cook all the way through-
Yea! The Mexican casserole is almost ready, the cheese just needs to melt.
Here are all the plates served up, yummy huh?
Abygale, Sadie, Allison, me and Jess enjoy a picnic dutch oven dinner.
Inky loves dutch oven food too, we ate it a lot when we were in Canyonlands this spring. Next time she comes to Utah I can show her how to cook dutch oven dinners, because now I know!


Anonymous said...

Violet, next time I will teach you to cook a dessert, and maybe some breakfast foods.


R. Mansfield said...

Very unusual site you've got here! Nevertheless, I've just linked to your post in our newest "Cast Iron Around the Web" at

Anonymous said...

R. Mansfield,
Thank you for linking to my blog, your website is neat.


Anonymous said...

Violence, where did DyaDya get that cool little Dutch Oven? It looks so cool! I am so exciting for us to go camping together!

Lillian said...

Hi, Violet I Love Your Croc's There Super cute!If I could get them I'd Get Lime green! I also enjoy camping to but all I know how to make over a fire is marshMellows!

*~*Mari*~* said...

Your dad is so nice! And your cassarole is making me hungry. My mom makes something similar so I'll try to get her to make it tonight!

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