Sunday, December 2, 2007

Brrrr.... it is cold here!

Yesterday was such a perfect day, it snowed and snowed. I stayed home and played with Kit and helped wrap a few Christmas presents. We also had hot chocolate! Today the sky cleared up and it was P.U.R.E blue! My family and I decided we needed a little fresh air, so we went snowshoeing!

It was so fun! I had forgotten how much I love Utah winters, last year I was traveling from September to May, so I missed out on Utah's winter altogether. This year though, I'm staying home until January, and then I'm off to Hawaii!

I took my camera along today while snowshoeing, and got lots of photos. Did you see the first one in this post, isn't it beautiful? Here are some more-

It was so sunny and pretty, not too cold in the sun.When you lead the group when snowshoeing it is called "breaking the trail" because you are the first one to cut through the fresh powder. I like to break the trail, because then I get to decide where to go!
Soon we took a rest near the river. It was so cold, parts of the river were frozen.
I love Utah winters and Utah mountains!
Now I better sign off, I need to research yoga for some homework!

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that's pretty! We miss you Violet! Oh I hope you don't mind if I add your link to my travel blog.
~Kirsten (and felicityfan85 and the others)