Saturday, December 15, 2007

Learning to ice skate!

I am taking ice skating lessons! It is so fun! I've taken ice skating lessons before, when I was about eight, but I was worried I would have forgotten everything. But I didn't! I still remember to skate backwards, do the fish tail and even a simple spin, even though I fell over afterwards.

I love ice skating before Christmas, it is so fun for the holidays. I've also been baking cookies and playing in the snow!

Have a happy Christmas season!


Becky Rachel said...

Fun! I've never tried to ice skate, but I sure do love watching it. Maybe Laura will buy me a pair of ice skates so I can try? I do need to get my friend Isabel to teach me; she's the skater around here.

Happy Holidays, Violet! I just love your skating costume.

Anonymous said...

Oh you're so lucky you know how to ice skate. I'd love to learn and so would Jess but none of us have ice skates at the moment. Guess I can't complain since I'm learning ballet but maybe after Christmas some of us will get skates or something.


Anonymous said...

Hi,Violet!Good post!May I ask whare you got the outfit,it is very pritty!