Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter my friends!

The Easter bunny came to the farmhouse, can you believe that, that he knew where to find me, and knew I would be down there? Neat!

The Easter weekend started out really cold and yucky. I was worried the Easter bunny wouldn't come to visit because of all the rain and snow. But, on Easter morning I found my basket and it was stuffed! Plus, there was a new girl down there named Chrissa and on Easter I showed her all around the farmhouse. It was cold and chilly but we both didn't want to cover up our cute Easter outfits with coats.

I tried to stay awake and wait for the Easter bunny but the farmhouse beds were too cozy, I fell asleep after only an hour of waiting!
Somehow the Easter bunny knew I was at the farmhouse!
Chrissa and I took a little walk outside. It was rainy and gloomy.
But we loved pretending it was sunny and warm. Plus, do you see a little blue spot of the sky? We did!
But then when I got home the clouds had cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful day! Plus, Mama said we might be getting a Easter visitor. I waited outside on the porch and a new friend came to stay for three weeks - Kirsten - and she is a traveler just like me! She has been all over the US and has been traveling since last fall! Anyway, after she arrived we had an egg hunt in the back yard and played in my room. It was a very very good Easter!

Back at home it was beautiful and sunny! Almost like a different day, but it was still Easter Sunday. Kirsten arrived and we became friends very easily. She loves to travel just like me!
After she put her things away in my room we had a little Easter hunt in the backyard. We collected lots and lots of Easter treats!


Elizabeth Marx said...

That's so cool Violet! My Easter was fun but I wish I had a visitor like you.

Avery Voisin said...

Happy Easter Violet! I'm glad the Easter Bunny found you at the farmhouse! Did you get lots of chocolate? I got a chocolate bunny, yummy!

Your new friends Chrissa and Gwen are very pretty :) I love your Easter outfits. I'm glad that the weather improved for you guys. I hope Traveling Kirsten has fun with you in Utah, I know she will!


Marta said...

I see Chrissa, is she a new sister? And where is Gwen. Mama may get me the PJs you are wearing!!!


Anonymous said...

Chrissa is not a sister, maybe a cousin. She is my Grandma's new doll. Nobody has Gwen, she wasn't there, I think Avery was confused.


♥Ruth-Ann♥ said...

Happy Easter!
The Easter Bunny is very awesome, he found me at Sitara's friend's house, too. I guess he is a bit like Santa that way!

Say hi to Chrissa from me, and congrats on having a new cousin! I really like the picture of the two of you on the fence (well, I love all the photos, but that one is my favourite!). It reminds me of an old photo from the 1800s in its composition.

I hope you and Kirsten have a good time together!

Anonymous said...

We're glad you guys had a great Easter! Please tell Kirsten we all miss her and are thinking of her! Have a great time hanging out with her-and, Violet, you'll have to come back to NH/Star Valley someday ;)
~Susie, Felicity and everyone else (and Missy and Grandlinda)

Sophie Amélie said...

Hey Kirsten, funny that we're both in Utah at the same time! Okay, at different houses, but it's still pretty funny.

Violet, how great that the Easter Bunny knew you were at the farmhouse for Easter! Do you think he (or she?) is magic? I think he must be.

I bet you and Kirsten will have a blast-springtime is always more fun with friends to play with.


Star Valley Dolls said...

Sophie, that is funny-and neat :)

Susie and everyone, I miss you guys soooo much! I can't wait to share even more about my adventures with you guys!

Wendy said...

Aww, looks like you had a very fun Easter! It's cool that Kirsten was there to share it with you. I'm reading Kirsten's book right now. =)

TheHallucinatingGiraffe said...

*gasp* i didn't know i had a twin?????!!!!! i'm rather afraid..... madison didn't tell me i had a twin! Oh well.