Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Springtime in the garden

Kirsten and I have been having so much fun! This is a busy time of year for my home school. My new favorite subject is biology and Kirsten and I have been learning so much about plants and fungi for the last week we thought it would be fun to go to Red Butte Garden and test our skills.

FINALLY the weather has cleared up a little bit. After our sunny day on Easter it snowed and rained again for an entire week, but today is just perfect, a perfect day for the garden that is. Kirsten was very interested in Red Butte Garden, their gardening methods in the desert of Utah, and how the entire garden is actually built on the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains! It was so fun to walk around and look at the daffodils, which were all in bloom!

We are excited to explore the garden. Kirsten is excited because it is NOT raining!
Look at all the daffodils! Hundreds and hundreds were in bloom.
Aren't they pretty?
I even wore my yellow garden shirt!
Kirsten and I walked all through the garden and spotted lots of birds, butterflies and squirrels. It was fun! Kirsten even saw one extra fat squirrel she named Nutty.


Sophie Amélie said...

Daffodils are so pretty! And you blend right in with your pretty shirt! :)


P.S. You can tell Kirsten that I think her hair looks especially cute in two buns...

Avery Voisin said...

Hi Violet,
That garden, and you and Kirsten, look so pretty! The daffodils are beautiful. I like your shirt, it's perfect for Earth Day tomorrow. You and Kirsten look great. I like learning biology and science too :)

~Avery~, also a #25 with a blog

MartaLouise said...

Can I ask, where did you get the cute lil' crocs? And Violets shirt? :)

♥Rose♥ said...

Cute! The flowers are so pretty and so are you!


Anonymous said...

My shirt is an iron on Mama made me. The shirt itself came from Jiminees. I don't remember where I got the crocs, but I did a Google search for "crocs doll" and some came right up!


Anonymous said...

I love these photos! Our daffodils have already started to die :(

Anonymous said...

Violet! That garden is so, so beautiful and your shirt is so cool! It looks like you and Kirsten are having a great time.

Abbey and Chloe said...

When I, (Abbey) clicked on the second picture to see it up close, I just about fainted. It's BEAUTIFUL. The background is so amazing, it's unreal. And I have to say that you two dollies are just the cutest things ever!

Wendy said...

What a gorgeous setting among the daffodils! You and Kirsten seem to be having a great time, and you look wonderful. =)

Star Valley Dolls said...

Thanks, Sophie! I love this style, too ;)

I'm having so much fun here!

Grette Spadoni said...

The daffodils are lovely! The other comments here have pretty much said everything there is to say about your experience in that beautiful garden. I wish you had a picture of that squirrel named Nutty. Haha~